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About Buckeye PC Repair


Buckeye PC Repair is a locally owned and operated computer repair and IT business. It's comprised of Bob Leath and Matt Manion who combined have been in the computer industry for over 35 years. Bob worked for Computer Free America which became CFA, and eventaully purchased by Qbase. Bob has always been in the computer business and at Buckeye PC Repair offers services that both help keep your costs down and provide quality computer and networking support and service. Buckeye offers very affordable rates for new, used and refurbished computers and laptops as well as associted services. Buckeye PC Repair is dedicated to serving local small businesses and residential customers.


Before coming to Buckeye Matt was an independent Computer Builder and Computer Repair business owner. Matt also previously worked for Wilder IT before coming to Buckeye PC Repair.